Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E990: All-Flash NVMe Speed and Efficiency

With Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E990 and the rest of our midrange storage family, we provide agile and automated data center technology. These systems enable you to cost-effectively meet your users’ current digital expectations and give them the ability to address future challenges as application data needs and service levels evolve. With time-tested, proven availability and scalability, we deliver infrastructure solutions that help you maximize your data center advantage.

Give your federal agency the performance that large enterprises rely on to satisfy the demands of real-time, data-hungry applications. VSP E990’s NVMe architecture delivers consistent, industry-leading, low-microsecond latency, reduces the transaction costs of latency-critical applications, and delivers predictable performance to optimize storage resources.

Use analytics based on Hitachi Ops Center to properly analyze your operating environment to highlight your most demanding workloads for critical applications, such as online transaction processing databases, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or artificial intelligence (AI) based analytics. These tasks can best leverage the low latency benefits of VSP E990 with NVMe, while improving your data management productivity and driving down infrastructure costs.

Take advantage of the advanced capabilities in the VSP E990 across all of your data center storage assets through virtualization pioneered by Hitachi. Storage virtualization gives you a common management control point for multiple storage systems, which drives increased administrative efficiencies. Data services, like data reduction, automation and metroclustering, that are available with VSP E990 are extended to virtualized storage systems to give them more value and an extended life cycle.

Download our datasheet to learn more about how the newest addition to the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform family provides trusted capabilities that won’t break the bank.