Hitachi Content Software for File: Putting Your Data to Work

 The Storage Bottleneck 

Applications crave more data, but storage performance has been left behind. While graphics processing units (GPUs) have shrunk compute infrastructure by 40%, the data they process has grown by 50%. Investments in compute resources and networks often sit idle, waiting for data. As a result, response times skyrocket but adding more compute is ineffective as legacy storage can’t scale to tens or hundreds of PBs while maintaining high performance. On top of that, each workflow stage has unique compute, storage and networking needs. This leads to silos creating data management and integration challenges, which drives up costs and time to results, neither of which you can afford. 

 The Best of File and Object Storage 

Hitachi Content Software for File (HCSF) is a high performance storage solution for AI, ML, analytics and other GPU accelerated workloads. It gives you the blazing speed of a POSIX compliant distributed file system (DFS) with the capacity and hybrid cloud capabilities of an object store. As an integrated solution, it greatly reduces the complexity and deployment time. Its support for file and object protocols makes data ingestion easy. The DFS provides both high performance and low latency for data preparation, model training and inference. The object store provides massive storage capacity at a lower cost and offers powerful, data management automation driven by metadata.