Hitachi Accelerated Fabric

We know that you are under ever-increasing pressures to unlock value from your data so you can run operations more efficiently, improve your user experiences, and create new services. However, traditional storage systems may not be capable of providing the proper foundation for DataOps initiatives. This is particularly true when current storage solutions can’t scale, won’t handle more than a single data type, operate in silos and require a lot of manual intervention to run. As a result, data repositories become fragmented and that limits your organization’s ability to gain insights. At Hitachi, we believe that a holistic approach to data storage is the answer. 

In this white paper, we want you to understand the engineering innovation Hitachi is still bringing to the storage industry. Key to this is the development of a scale out and scale up storage controller block architecture that can intermix SAS and NVMe seamlessly, without performance degradation, especially when tiering between different media types. This allows for more applications to run faster while managing the cost of adding more capacity to existing workloads. What does this mean for you in the real world? Well, you can consolidate more onto a single platform. What does this unlock? Well, having more data in one place allows for faster analysis to unlock insights so you can really extract the value from DataOps.