Use modern data protection techniques to simplify processes and easily meet data availability service-level requirements.

Eliminate Downtime

Protects against data corruption, system failures and full disasters to keep your business running.

Managed for You

Let Hitachi Vantara experts manage your storage and data protection infrastructure.

Across Any Geography

Flexible 2 and 3 data-center configurations ensure resilience and zero data loss from regional outages.

Data Protection Products

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Hitachi Ops Center Protector

Achieve modern data protection and recovery operations with enterprise copy data management.

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Data Protection as a Service

A fully managed pay as you go solution with Guaranteed SLAs.

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Global-Active Device

Active-Active storage clustering with no need to fail over or fail back.

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Hitachi Thin Image and Hitachi ShadowImage

Create snapshots and clones instantly, with no impact on production.

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Hitachi TrueCopy and Hitachi Universal Replicator

Remote replication supports business continuity and disaster recovery.

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