Date: Wednesday, February 28th

Time: 11:00 a.m. ET

Federal and defense agencies prioritize modernizing file services for secure and efficient data sharing across locations and users. However, delivering files to the edge poses challenges, including latency and security concerns. Remote employees at the edge may experience delays due to bandwidth constraints. Transmitting sensitive government data raises worries about unauthorized access and breaches.

Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach involving technology solutions, strategic planning, and adherence to data management and cybersecurity best practices. Join the “Mastering Data and File Sharing at the Edge” webinar, part of our ongoing Talk Data to Me series to explore solutions for data and file sharing challenges at the edge. The webinar proposes a secure method for sharing structured and unstructured data, ensuring complete privacy and protection for sensitive and classified information at the edge.

Key Topics

  • Best Practices in secure file sharing: Master safeguarding data integrity, privacy, and security in a decentralized data landscape.
  • Ensure cyber resiliency: Establish cyber-resilient edge infrastructures to combat rapid data generation and device proliferation effectively.
  • Explore solutions: Discover a file system that enables global, real-time, secure data access, fostering efficient collaboration among mission stakeholders.
  • Hear about real examples: Learn from the US Navy, US Air Force, and the VA about leveraging a global file system for enhanced cyber resilience and seamless data delivery at the network’s periphery.

Attend and Win

Join us for a chance to win a “Talk Data to Me” T-shirt! We’ll draw ten lucky participants from attendees and notify winners via email for size and mailing details.