Data is your Business

Find the insights in your data at NEXT 2019, the first smart conference for data pioneers. Meet the experts, the futurists and the realists. Capture the latest trends, strategies and tools to accelerate the return on your data. It’s all right here.

Get the innovation from your investment in data
Connect with your peers to share insights and opportunities
Understand the latest data trends and where the industry is going
Gain your DataOps Fundamentals certification


Fear and Uncertainty but No Doubt

Learn to control fear when success is uncertain but mandatory. Hear Alex Honnold, audacious rock climber, talk about mental control on a 3,000-foot cliff – without a rope.


This is Next for Technology and Society

Get a fresh view of our world with our mainstage speaker, Dr. Zeynep Tufekci. She’s a noted technosociologist and a professor of information science. And she’s awesome.